receiving address for webhook

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I have made a custom app, using the python request package, and it works fine. Now I would like this app to be triggered by events occuring on shopify and it seems to be done with webhooks, but I could also run the prgm every 30 minutes to check for new orders.


What I don't understand is how to create https receiving addresses for the event. I guess I need to run some sort of server, is there a simple way to do this? A tutorial? It means a machine has to be running internally to listen to the server, right? My website is actually hosted by Shopify.


I actually wanted to make an app which you can command from the shopify admin, but I was discouraged by all the authoentication process which I understood nothing about (I am not a developper, I just know how to write some python). Would the process of creating a server for webhooks similar to that of building a public app?


Many thanks for your comments on this