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just built my new shopify store and while I was testing things out, i noticed an error message "Oops! Something went wrong" occur on my shipping address form page under the "Address" box. The error message generally pops up 5-10 after page loads but even if I enter in the address before anything happens, I still get the exclamation sign that indicates an error. I can't get passed this page until this error is fixed.

can someone please help me 




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It looks like the form is expecting a required value that hasn't been added (possibly it should be added automatically, but it hasn't worked for some reason!)

Normally in these cases "developer tools" in the browser has some extra information to debug. If you load the form, press "f12" (in chrome) then open "console", if there are some errors in there it will give you a clue as to what is going on.

You will likely have to take this information to your developer or if it is a plugin, ask them for support. 

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FYI ofr anyone else searching this, I had a similar issue on my entire site. Turned out it was an errant pop up app that wasn't working, so I got the error message on any page on my site after 5-10 seconds. Deleting the app didn't help - I had to find the code it had installed and remove it.