templates not working as expected

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The client wanted any product with the type of 'Setting' to have the word 'from' before the price. I implemented the following in the code within the price div just before the price: 

            {% if product.type == 'Setting' %}
            {% endif %}
I also added a data-test="{{product.type}}" to the price div. As you can see from viewing the source, none of the settings have the word 'from', yet some (not all) products that do not have the product type of 'Setting' have the word 'from'.
EG from html source:
<div class="grid-product__price" data-test="Setting">
<div class="grid-product__price" data-test="Wedding Band">from $1,133.11
<div class="grid-product__price" data-test="Wedding Band">
I am using the theme cli, latest version with: theme watch --allow-live 
I tried deleting the code that I added, but it is still appearing on the website. I checked the theme source in shopify admin, and it is getting updated correctly, but it still appears, like it's cached or something.