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hello everyone i'm french i will try to be as clear as possible !!!  Here is my home page With my 4 thumbnails collections home page2.jpg

When I click on "Pilot equipment" I have all my products on one page

 equipement pilote.jpg

And I would like to create several thumbnails like on my home page

Photoshop example: 

equipement pilote VIGNETTE.jpg

they would be thumbnails that would lead to the different types of products within that collection.


if someone could help me it would be great
thank you

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What you are trying to achieve is called 'Nested collections' it is not something that Shopify supports natively so you either need to make some code modifications or use an app.


Here's a couple of articles that take you through how to modify your code:


Here's an app, there are a number that might meet your needs this is just the first one I came across

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