translating addresses.liquid (themes-addresses package)

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Hi, does anyone have experience with this package

I am having trouble translating the address fields (both input labels and values in select-fields) into Norwegian. 


According to the shopify dev documentation here, we can use the teme-addresses package to populate the province field with the appropriate values based on the country selection. For example, when the visitor selects Canada in the country drop-down, the provinces drop-down is updated with Canadian provinces.

I was able to make this work. But the translation of the form labels and values ​​(e.g the country drop-down) does not work. The "theme-addresses" package has defined which languages ​​are supported (line 51 in /node-modules/@shopify/theme-addresses/loader.js), so it does not find "NB" or "NO" (for Norway) when trying to set this as locale in javascript in our shopify theme, like so: 

AddressForm(addressFields, 'NB');

However, if I set 'NB' as default locale directly in the file in the package (line 50 in loader.js) then the translation works and the form is translated. But I want to keep packages inside compilation for our shopify theme.

Can anyone help me with this? Any help is greatly appreciated!