use ajax request to retrieve more than 50 blog posts in a for loop

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I'm painfully aware of the 50 products per page limit and now I found out that the same limit applies to a forloop of articles in a given blog. pagination won't work well in my case because I'm just displaying a list of (over 50) ingredients which are stored as blog articles. 

so my next guess is to make an AJAX request to retrieve all articles in but I don't know where to start now how to complete the task. 

any help appreciated.

my current forloop (where the "limit" attribute doesn't work, of course):

{% for article in articles limit: 100 %}
   <div class="ingredient-list-item">
      <a href="#ingredient-{{}}" class="magnificIngredient">{{ article.title }}</a>
{% endfor %}
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Try one of these:

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