variant.next_incoming ... quantity?

27 0 35 only offers:

  • variant.incoming = Returns true if the variant has incoming inventory.
  • variant.next_incoming_date = Returns the date when the next incoming inventory will arrive. there a way to fetch the value from the total 'Incoming' column that you see in /admin/products/inventory?


Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 17.51.08.png


Admittedly that '3' Incoming is the sum of two different Transfers, but I could add 1 + 2 if I needed to :)


As per @Jason's advice here I had a look at {{ product | json }} but it's not in there.


I suppose that's because "Product itself does not have this information, only variants have these properties" as per this post.


I don't see any mention in of hooks into the 'Transfers' table.