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Hi, i have set up my shopify store and i'm ready to launch however I have been requested to upload ID for my shopify payments to work. I have uploaded my licence and it keeps saying The photo ID couldn’t be verified. What can I do now? ive spent ages building my site only to run into this problem at the end.


We've just taken a client through this - Shopify don't seem to acknowledge that there's a bug on their form for document verification.

The issue is that when you select driving licence for your document type, it doesn't ask you to upload the document rear.

To workaround for now do the following:

  • Select a different document type and click verify
  • Switch back to Driving Licence - you should now get the option to upload front and back face of the document
  • Upload both

Verification should then pass (provided, of course, that your documents are valid )