x_reference functioning

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Hello folks,

I'd like to better understand how the x_reference creation works. According to the API documentation it's an unique ID assigned to each order, but apparently I've found a case where the order amount changes but the x_reference doesn't. Would anyone have more information on how the x_reference creation works?

Here's the use case I'm having trouble with: a user finishes a purchase with an offline payment method, a voucher is generated (not paid) and the customer reaches the thank you page. Then, the customer realizes that there's a discount coupon and decides to apply it. They go back to the store during the same session, and finish another purchase with the same method method, for the exact same items but this time applying a 10% off discount. The x_reference value stays the same of both transactions, although they're different orders. Would anyone know how to fix that?


Thanks in advance!