'zoomed in' shopify admin variants table

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About 2 weeks ago the variants table you see when creating new products has become much larger.

It's disrupting my workflow because I cant see the full table without scrolling.

I have to scroll to the bottom of the list to find the left-right scroll bar to get to the SKU's. 

Plus the box that holds the SKU is so small I can only see the first 4 Characters. zoomed variant table.png


It used to all fit on one page.

My browser zoom doesnt help so I was hoping someone could tell me if this is just how the new table should look or if I have done something to cause it to be displayed this way.


Any help is appreciated.




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I completely agree. 


The page is locked down and doesn't expand when you make the browser bigger. It's very troublesome. 


Any chance on there being a fix for this new update/design bug?


- Ben


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Couldn't agree more, it looks awful. Look how much screen estate is wasted either side of the variant table. What's weirder is on the actual "products" page the entire page is full width.


Would also be great if you could also customise what is in this variant table, as we used compare at prices, which don't show at all (Aswell as the order they appear)


Essentially the right-hand nav is restricting the main left-hand boxes (here's how I would love for it to look at the full width, showing compared at price, removing quantities as we don't use them and having bigger width boxes to show all the information!)


Variant 1.jpgVariant 2.jpg


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Anyone ever find a fix for this?  Really annoying.

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 I would also like to find a fix for this! 

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does zooming the page with browser controls help at all?

For chrome browser press ctrl++ , or ctrl+- , or using a mousewheel ctrl+mousewheelscroll

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Hello Paul, 

No it does not help to zooming out in the browser... 

this is a daily problem for me