4 Tips for Building Your Brand *advice & a little self promotion*

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4 Tips for Building Your Brand


Whether you’re just starting to develop your own brand, or looking to take your brand to the next level; here are 5 tips that will help you build-up your brand.


1. Imagine your brand as a living, breathing person


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When customers interact with your brand, it’s as if they’re interacting with another person. Your brand sends messages to customers in many different ways, and how the customer decodes these messages can make or break your company.


  • What does your brand think? How you market and present your brand says a lot about what you think of your customers. Falsifying information or using misleading language can send a message that you don’t think too highly of your customer’s intelligence.

  • What’s at the heart of your brand? Like any person, your brand has values. Be sure to make those values clear to your customers.

  • What does your brand say? Your brand’s message, appearance, and content all say something to customers.


2. Be your own brand



With the success of brands like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, it can be tempting to mimic their look, feel, and messaging. Don’t fall into that trap. Be independent, distinctive, and innovative. Consumers are more inclined to do business with companies who have their own original brand.


3. Make your brand visible to consumers


Your products and goods are an extension of your brand. No matter how innovative or original your brand may be, if consumers don’t see your product they most likely won’t notice your brand either. As a manufacturer, drop-shipper, or order fulfiller, it can be difficult to find the correct outlets for your products. That’s where we come in.


F13 Works bridges the gap between manufacturers and ecommerce stores. We provide your brand with its own presence on millions of online stores. With access to the most popular ecommerce platforms, like Shopify and Woocommerce, you can grow your business and expand your brand presence.


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4. Develop an identity for your brand




Who is your brand? By identifying your brand’s character and voice, you can effectively develop an identity for it. This identity will be the basis for how you communicate with consumers, how you develop digital content, and how you market to your target audience. Without an identity, your brand will be unable to build trust and connect with loyal customers. Look at brands like Facebook and Coca-Cola. Analyze their website, social media, and advertising, then ask yourself what their brand identity is.

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