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Until recently, most online revenue gains have come from brands selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. But with the F13 Works technology solution, brands can tap into the Influential online store market. The ability to sell products through Influential online stores allows brands to reach a large audience of connected consumers and e-commerce stores that are desperately looking for additional products to sell to their niche.

Why sell my products through influential online stores?

Influential online stores developed a key element in their niche markets: trust. Their established customer bases are loyal, engaging, and influential. The days of scouring google searches to find the best price for a product are over. Loyal customers will return to their trusted stores again and again, and if your product isn’t listed on a trusted site, you have virtually no chance of garnering their business.

Identifying these established influential online stores and listing your product on their sites were both costly and time-consuming undertakings, until F13 Works. We provide your brand the opportunity to gain access to these ‘private clubs” and benefit from the loyal customer bases these influential online stores have access to.

Can anyone join F13 Works?

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Essentially, no. We vet our brand partners for how quickly they can fulfill orders and how well their product fits within our product demand algorithm. High-quality products and the ability to ship directly to the end customer (drop-ship) are two important factors for us.

If you can check those two boxes, we’ll check the third box for you by connecting your brand with millions of influential online stores who maintain loyal customer bases. Join the future of e-commerce today by connecting with us at F13 Works.

Full post: https://f13works.com/new-solution-e-commerce-distributors/ 

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