A new and improved dropshipping search engine

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A friend and I are thinking of creating a new search engine for wholesalers and dropshippers.

There's already a few sites out there in this niche, like Worldwide Brands and SaleHoo, but we think they're pretty antiquated and we believe we can build a platform that's much easier to use.

We wanted to get a gauge for what people that have used these services think, as far as what they dislike about them and would want to be improved.

Any other thoughts related to wholesaler or dropshipping directories are of course welcome :)

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Have more class A items, more apple products, less scamming, no paying to sign up, but make it so people have to go through you to sign up so you don't have all the dodgy people. Supply more Nike, Gap all the top products your niche is to you supply the 'big brands'

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Contact me through my website please, I am interested in getting involved with this project.


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my salehoo experience was disappointing. very little worthwhile dropshippers w/ decent margins were listed. you would have to track down and list very liberal dropshippers. thats your challenge. if not it would consist of the same uninteresting vendors. but i do agree that there should exist a dropship only database. doba is another waste of time.