A newbie needs some help please!

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Hey everyone,
I have a few questions, hoping to get some help from you!
Sorry in advance if my newbie's questions have already been asked though...
So I'm starting my way as a dropshipping store, there are few things that I would like to have some help from you!
I'm dropshipping products from Aliexpress (sunglasses & bags).

1. I can understand that we are able to brand ourselves without branding our products (as many other stores that sell different brands), But when a customer buying a product from my shop, he sees the Chine's brand, and he can simply google it and to see the "original" price that is at least 50% off.
But again, I can understand the extra value that I'm giving my customer (like special guides, the fact that I'm browsing for him and find that best products etc), still, how do you deal with that? without losing returning customers.

2. I'm from Israel, many of the payments methods are not available in my country. I saw that I can receive credit/debit payments via Paypal. Can I use only Paypal as my only payment method? (for the users who are not familiar with this option I can add some note that they can pay via Paypal with their credit/debit card)

3.  How can I commit to 28 delivery days (using ePacket) if some of the sellers (in Aliexpress) commit to 35 days etc?
I'm offering "free shipping", I don't want to charge extra fees for that.

4. My English (as you might see) not so good, Do I must put my phone number for the customers?(as the customer's service phone number)  and if it's still recommended, There's any service that allowing me to use 1-800... number and not my personal phone number?

5. Can I automatically set a sub-supplier for products? in case the stock is out etc. (using Oberlo)

Thanks for the help!
Wishing you all shitload of sales! ;)

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Hello Ben,

I am Awen from China,I used to run an aliexpress store.Now I provide dorp shipping service,custom products/packaging,overseas warehouse,etc.

1.Why your customers realize that it's a Chinese brand?Because of the logo or what? You'd better choose the neutral product that has no Chinese on it.If your quantity is big enough,you can custom your brand.

2.I do not know that very well,I'm sorry that I can't help you to answer this question,what I know is Paypal suits most customers.

3.As a drop shipping service provider,we have big data to support the conclusions we need.Ship to Israel via ePacket need 19-29 days(50%-80% parcels),28 days is enough to support your commitment.35 days is the worst situation,rarely happened unless parcel is lost.ePacket is cheap and stable and free shipping is a good sales strategy.

4. That you need to ask the related service provider,but I recommend to add the phone number ,also email address and other live - chat tool is necessary.

5.I know Oberlo,but I have not used that app,I often browse that forum,many administrators will answer the questions.

As a stager,I do suggest that do not put all orders on Aliexpress because according to my record,many sellers will meet different problems,such as payment,logistics,labels,communication,price changing,stocks etc...

If you are interested to find an agent to help you to do drop shipping,please contact me.I will be glad to help you and tell you everything I know.It's easy, efficient and competitive.

Best regards


Hello everyone,I am an agent from China.I can provide products, drop shipping service,custom products/packaging service and overseas warehouse service etc.Please contact me if you are interested in it.I can help you to make the sales easier and efficient,also more competitiveness. Email:awenbros@foxmail.com Whatsapp:+86 186 27579449 Skype: siwenreset
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