Advice (PLEASE) for my DropShipping Online Store

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Hello everyone, my name is Danny Wilson and I've just opened my first online dropshipping store. Additionally, I'm brand new to ecommerce and pretty much just about everything to do with it. I am currently running this ad: on Facebook as my main advertising campaign. I have started an Instagram account, but it's two days old so I don't have any momentum yet. My actual store is , where I am dropshipping exclusively Pikachu products - my hope was that I would cash in on the new Pokemon Go craze...haha, but it doesn't seem to be working so far. Despite having about 300+ page visits, I have yet to make a SINGLE sale! I don't know if it's because the products are garpage, the aesthetic isn't enough, or if my ad is awful. 

If any of you seasoned dropshipping/ecommerce veterans can quickly review my ad/store and give me some productive criticism, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello Danny, 

I would be happy to shed some light on your dropshipping business. 

The site looks good and the Pokemon GO! craze should help. I think you need to focus a little on SEO. Shopify's Youtube video series that teaches about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this should get you started: 

Also, I would review these Docs: Store descriptionVerify your domain with third-party services and Where is my Sitemap located?

Google Adwords can be a really cool way to drive traffic to your site! Read more on our Shopify Manual document, here:

Our Facebook marketing guide so you can conquer social media:

Here are some external SEO links:

- MOZ - This one is my personal favourite -- he goes over EVERYTHING, and it's very clear and concise.
- SEO Documents - SEO 101 :simple_smile:
- SEO Apps - These apps will help squeeze even more SEO juice out of your store!
- G+Business - Get one of these accounts and ask for past customers to review your business, the more reviews, the higher your ranking!
- SEO Guides - SEO tips from an industry expert

Another way to get more sales is to add more Sales Channels to your Shopify store such as: 

Facebook Store:
Twitter Buy Now:
Pinterest Buyable Pins:

Click on the "+" symbol next to "Sales Channels" in your Shopify Admin to get started.

Have a great day.

Have a great day, Dumitro R. Support Guru Shopify
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Thank you so much for the guidance Dumitro. I made as many improvements as I could this evening. I've registered with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, added a rewards widget program Swell, and added McCafe certification to the site. Additionally, I updated the sitemap and began investigating ways to improve SEO. I cleaned up my homepage metatags, but I didn't really get to much into SEO. The documents you referenced are quite lenghtly, so it might take me some time, but I will read them. I also added some temporary additional funding through Facebook campaigns for both my Facebook page/shop, and for the main site. I'm hoping to receive some sales over the course of the day, but I'm not holding my breath lol..

Thanks again for the advice and guidance, would you re-evaluate it now with the improvements?

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