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I currently own an online fashion boutique that I house my own inventory. I am wanting to open a second online store featuring home decor. This new store will be a dropshipping store. I have 2 vendors that offer drop-ship services. Would you recommend me using my current Shopify fashion store and just adding a "Home Decor" tab? Or create a completely new site featuring all home decor only? The shipping part is what makes this confusing for me as I am new to dropshipping. 
I have never set up shipping from 2 different vendors before so if anyone has any advice on how to do that, I'd really appreciate it. 
Thanks in advance!
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Hi there

What I do with my dropshipping store is have different fulfillment centers then you associate different shipping to the different fulfillment centers.


Hello @MTrainor 

We recommend opening new store for home decor niche. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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@MTrainor We suggest that you create a new site that sells home decor products only and also we can help you source all kinds of Home decor products with our dropshipping services. Please check our site to know more.

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