Affiliate: books, maybe gardening tools worth it?

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Hi I have a shopify site and I sell rare herb plants

However, I need to earn more money and I am thinking to review herb and gardening books in an affiliate program or use some books.

1. Given the low price for a book and the low percentage (4.5%) is it worth it?

2. I have quite some gardening books, but after a while it's all reviewed, would I have to buy a stack of books then only to have something to review?

3. There are other booksellers who offer affiliate programs, but amazon is way the biggest, do the smaller ones have any advantage?

4. Can I use recipes printed in these books or would I breach the copy right?  (Using recipes to promote that book)

5. I might add gardening tools - but would I have to buy a tool to be able to know the quality or how is that done?