Any pet product dropshippers? Also advice on when to drop the drophipper?

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I set up an entire website around a drophipper that delivers pet products. At first, they were fine. They have been doing this for a while and from the reviews I found seemed pretty reputable. These last two weeks every single order I have placed, at least 1 item in the order has been out of stock and they give me ambiguous answers about when it will be back in stock. I do not want my store's reputation to be tarnished bc of this. I knew that this happens when you rely on dropshipping and many suggest to have several dropshippers, however, I can only find these particular products from this 1 drophipper so if I want these items on my website then I have to rely solely on them.

My question is-Does anyone else have advice on dropshipping companies. Should I stick it out or look for others? (Even though that means completely re-doing my website with new products). And are there any good, reliable pet supply drophipper recommendations?


Thanks for any advice! 

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Sorry to hear about your troubles. Incidently, Ive been dropshipping on behalf of Resellers like yourself for 15 years. I sold my last company but my I've formed a new one; And we will be ready to start shipping and will have our new website up in 4-6 weeks. Oh... and we WILL be selling Pet Products ;-) So if youd like to email me directly to discuss further, please feel free to send it right to my personal email at

Here are a couple quick tips on how to mitigate this problem:

PREFACE -  You really need to "vett" (no pun intended RE the PET store...sorry..terrible joke) the hell out of your suppliers when you try to use a business model like your using.

1) I know you mentioned this but You should REALY try not to carry anything that you dont have a backup supplier for, At least for your top moving items.In terms of helping resolve your immediate out of stock issues, You said that you can only find one dropshipper for the items that you were shorted on. But, with all due respect, Im quite sure the manufacturer sells those products to someone else. You need to assess each situation and figure out the lengths you are willing to go. First find the item ANYwhere you can, even if its through a retail site. You might have to call the manufacturer. Find out if, worsy case scenario, you can get the item delivered to your house, Then you have to get on the horn with the customer. Figure out if they'll take a substitute item or if they just want to leave the item off the order. If they do, make sure that they leave the call feeling GREAT about your customer service (even though they couldnt get the exact item they wanted).  You also need to gauge the possibility of whether or not you are potentially in jeopardy of losing a relationship with a potential long term, high value customer, And/or losing out on a big order entirely if they dont want the order without the item.  Then figure out how far you're willing to go if need be to get them the item. Like I said, SOMEONE else carries the item. You may have to buy it retail an dmake less money on the order and ship the product out to them from your house or office. Just dont direct them to another site and always frame the situation like you are a hero. Whatever you/they decide to do, even a seemingly unfortunate situation like this is an opportunity to display great customer service and win a loyal repeat customer.

2) Any good supplier you choose should either have their stock posted online and/or be able to send you an Inventory Feed at least daily, if not more frequently.  Once you see a sku getting low you should either pull it from your site or flag it as OUT OF STOCK, on your site. They key is to do it once it gets low, Dont wait until its down to 1 or 2 units two and certainly not if its totally depleted.  The supplier will rarely be dead on with their Inventory amounts.

As far as revamping your site entirely, Id hold off and see if the problem persists. But ultimately anything you contemplate doing you need to put through your own cost-benefit analsis






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