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I have a very very big problem about the paiement of all the order i have to fullfield on Aliexpress. 

I just opened my shop 2 weeks ago and i have already more than +400 orders, +1200 product to validate, and to paid on Aliexpress. 

Of course i user Oberlo to auto complete the process and at the end, i use my credit card to pay the supplier. 

First time, after 3 or 4 orders, APPEAL from Alipay... ok, so i waited 5 days, appeal accepted, perfect, i will honorate all my order. 

After 150 products ordered, my credit card have been block by my bank, I call them and they explain me it´s because i can only do 150 buy transaction per month. F**K.

So i have an other credit card, and i try with these one. And BOUMM , New appeal from Aliexpress...

I have call the bank of the second card to explain and prevent the issue i had with the first card and they explain me that i will have the same problem if i make to much order per month. 

So, we are, 8:37PM, i made 15 min to write this post, more 4 orders, 21 products inside ... Aliexpress account blocked and no credit card to complete all my order...

How the biggest dropshipper's shops do? What is the type of paiement they use on Aliexpress? What type of credit card? What bank? 

I'm from Euro Country for more informations. 

Thanks a lot for you help. 

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When my store had a large boom, I had the issue with AliExpress. I went through the appeal, got that done in a day, and was ready to place orders. Got about 10 of them done, and my card was denied.


I called up my bank and let them know the TRUTH of what I was doing. I told them that I was buying items straight from China and having them shipped to my buyers. I told them that I would be placing a large quantity of orders within the $0.50-$5.00 range. They placed a note on my account, and told me that I would be fine. I was able to place over 3000 orders in a week, and no a single problem.


I would recommend that you ask to speak with someone higher from the bank that issues the card. Explain to them what you are doing, and see what they can do to help. If not, look into opening a business account.