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        Yes, this is a shopify app. Used to import products from Supplier sites like amazon, aliexpress etc.,

        You can discover "Appfreaker Supply" on application, Appfreaker Supply is supplies your required expected items to you with your own marking and labels.
And It’s newly added two Features like Suggested Titles for products and Customized Shipping.

Suggested SEO titles:
It’s providing few suggested titles for the products so that you can choose any of them while importing the product into your shopify store. Set your Preferences in My Settings and import the product by Editing. It helps in your website's SEO as your products title will be unique.

Customized Shipping:
This feature is used for Customer can choose their shipping method while purchasing the product at shopify store. Set your Preferences in My Settings and import the product, then aliexpress shipping methods are available at shopify store checkout page.


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Hi @dekiv 

The prices on the product pages are the retail price. Our wholesale pricing depends on how much you purchase, and ranges from a 20 to 40% discount. Dropshipping is similar and depends on how much the customer purchases from you. You can also set your own markup to earn more!

Hope that helps


Melissa from Contrado

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I'm confused. Is AppFreaker a part of your app or is it a separate entity. I use Oberlo already which seems to be the same thing you do with your AliExpress app so I'm not looking to change in that aspect as it works well for me. But what I am interested in is what you said about your own custom labels/packaging through the app? Can you give me more info on this please?

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I have one here, recommended by my friend, they can provide dropshipping service, and they provide a lot of swimwear styles, the price is reasonable, maybe you can try it, hoping to help you.