B2B Capabilities

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I design and manufacture my own line of menswear. I have a website and I sell my product both directly to individual people as well as to about 100 stores around the world. I will be moving to Shopify in 2017.

I have searched the app store and I know some of the functionalities I need already exist. The one thing I haven't found is the ability for one of my B2B wholesale accounts to submit a PO for my products. I need to allow my resellers to create an order in Shopify, submit it to me, and then I could "pick" it...meaning Shopify would look at each line item and if the inventory is in stock add those products to an invoice ready to be processed for shipping. The goods that were out of stock or not yet available would remain on the PO and could then be "repicked" as many times as I want in the future as I restock my inventory.

Anyone out there know of an app that does this? Or any developers who have pieces of this code already built and want to bid on the job? Please only contact me regarding this specific need. I already know I can create logins for different customers to see different prices, that products can be hidden from some customers and viewable to others, etc.