B2B Support and Wholesale.

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Hello Shopifier and New Online Ops!

Trying to find a reliable wholesaler, B2B partners, Importers, Brokers and Dropshippers is not that difficult.  But finding the right one is a difficult part of the business.  Both side of the B2B or related businesses need to rely on each other for service, delivery, inventory, quality, and price.  I've noticed there are many B2B wholesalers on Shopify willing to do all this and more to help each other succeed.

So it would be great if we can share information, support and help find the business ideas on this DISCUSSION for Shopify Online Store Owners Community.


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At Fashion Stories we offer wholesale fashion jewelry collections at attractive prices with great mark ups.

As a well established brand with over 10 years experience in Europe, we operate as a wholesaler in the USA and have already been distributing our collections in several retailers in NY who stock and sell our costume jewelry. As Holiday season approaches we are expanding our distribution network in New York with retailers who are interested in boosting their revenues during the Holiday season by diversifying their product portfolio and offering new assortment for their customers.

Please drop me an email at kate@fashionstories.nyc if you are intersted in fashion jewelry. 

Best, Kate