BARCODE help!!

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Hi guys

I would love to hear your advice.  Basically i am trying to bring my product into the UAE to sell, which i have created in china. I beleive they are requiring a barcode on all of our products.  This again i beleive will also be needed by large retail outlets that we hope to stock our product.

We are also looking to sell intrenationally, so the barcodes would need to be used in europe and the US.  I have tried to do reseacrh on the cheapest way to do this but have no idea on which type of code and i need and the cheapest provider.


Can anyone help?






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Sounds like you really need to register a UPC code range. There are very few *real* authorized places to get UPC codes from, but this is where you start. GS1 is the organization in charged of issuing UPC codes. Lots of places will offer you "GS1 Services" but they're just middlemen.

UPC codes start at $250, but go up quickly depending on how many products you need codes for. The license needs to be renewed each year. You can find the pricing on the same page, a bit farther down.

Priniting these UPC codes yourself is pretty easy, if you have a Dymo printer, and is reasonably simple on other printers. The GS1 website can help generate print-at-home templates if you really need them, and there are many label-printing services out there if you want to go that route. (you may contact me if you need some printed up for you)