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Hello, Currently our site is doing well, but we have been approached by another company wanting to become w reseller. They want to use us as a warehouse for this drop shipper relationship. What we are looking for is a solution that would automatically receive their order, import the customer data, update our inventory for both our sales channel and the resellers sales channel. We would also like it to be able to create shipping labels and email a notification of shipment to the reseller. Is there anything out there like this?
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I would also like to hear more about this as I'm in a simular position.

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I would also like to know more about this, it would be especially helpful since many drop shippers that are currently working with us are also using Shopify.

Our process today is completely manual, we are getting PO and based on that we are dispatching orders. We have been wondering for a while if this could be automated.


Hello @Mike_Julio 

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