Better Than Dropshipping - Affiliate Sites Are 100% Maintenance Free!

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ABC Design Studio, LLC ( has been in business since 2006 and they are an A Rated and Accredited Company with the Better Business Bureau. You can purchase any of their website businesses that are already live, established and linked with multiple revenue streams when you visit and click on the left side navigation to make your selections and by clicking on the 'add to cart' button to checkout.

These are affiliate websites, which means the inventory updates automatically and your customers are linked directly to your affiliate partner's websites to make their purchase. Because of the tracking ID built into the websites, you don't have to operate as the middle-man and order manually on behalf of your customers! This is automated, so much better than Dropshipping websites. You will also be partnered with the largest online retailers in the world, which build your customer trust and loyalty to want to do business for you. All of the storefronts are 'Powered By Amazon' so this really gives your websites a very professional appeal and success rate!

​To purchase the niche website business you want to own, please visit Select the niche you want, from the left-side navigation. Each website is custom-built, exclusive and unique. You will own the business you want to buy 100% and it comes complete with full webmaster support and total affiliate link integration so you will be setup to make money on your website business within only a few days.

After you purchase the website businesses you want to own, you will receive the Control Panel (C-Panel) to the website files on the server and the affiliate registration details for your website. Their webmasters handle all technical aspects of the transfer for free and this includes the domain name transfer, the HTML code editing for your revenue generation, and you will also get a full FREE year of hosting service for your website. There are NO other costs involved for you to take ownership of the websites you chose to buy from this company.

How These Website Businesses Work:

You will earn a commission on everything you sell through your websites! There is an affiliate tracking system integrated in the website's HTML code which tracks all the clicks and sales generated from your website. Affiliate Partners such as Amazon, Google, ClickBank, and Commission Junction deliver the purchased items or services to your customers and then the affiliate partners pay you the commission for the sales!

Our Websites are 100% Automated Because:

·       There are NO products to ship.

·       NO customers to deal with.

·       Nothing to buy and try to resell.

·       No Website Maintenance is needed 

It is well worth it to check out the website businesses that are being offered for sale by:

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So this isn't 100% free then. 

Home is where the heart is!
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Hi Natalie, Thank you for your reply.

It mentions in the listing that the websites we have for sale are 100% maintenance free. Maintenance Free, means that there is no day-to-day maintenance that you have to perform with the business in order for it to be functional and make money for you. In othe words, you don't have to buy and resell or ship out merchandise. You don't have to answer customer inquiries or update the website's inventory in any way. It links your customer's directly to Amazon's fulfillment, and you get a commission paid to you for every sale automatically. The website operates 100% automatically, so it is better than a dropshipping type of website business. No, of course, the website businesses for sale are not free. They are low-priced however, and you can buy your business from us at a wholesale cost, because you are purchasing directly from the web developers who built the website. You can go to and select the left-side navigation to select the website business you wish to buy and we will look forward to assisting you further. Thank you, Kendra