Buying UPC codes from a third party reseller vs GS1

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I did a lot of research and found a third party reseller with very good reviews and I'm considering buying UPC codes from them and not GS1 (plan to do this later if/as needed), for obvious reasons (beginning small business) - 10 UPC codes could be $35 vs $900. They come with a guarantee that they have not been recycled and don't exist in current databases. I have a couple of clarifications in terms of how these products are added to the retailers' inventory system, and would appreciate feedback from folks who've had experience with this:

(1) If a retail store gets products with GS1 UPC codes, do they just scan the codes and the products automatically get added to their inventory, or do they still need to type the corresponding product names in their inventory system, to associate the codes with the products?

(2) Similarly, is the process 100% identical for the UPC codes from a 3rd party, or would the process be entirely manual (typing everything into the inventory system)? If yes, can an Excel spreadsheet be imported into the inventory system?

Basically, what I don't understand about UPC barcodes in general is how they are entered into an inventory system when a retailer gets products from a vendor (wholesale) and plans to sell them.

Thank you!