Calculation of boxes + shipping supplies (bubble wrap, etc)

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Hi there,

I am wondering if there is a general rule of thumb to use for calculating shipping. For example:
I have multiple products where the weight of the product is 400g (this would be the package contents however though). If I was going to ship 2 of these boxes...technically the product weight is 800g.... but then they are in their boxes...and those 2 boxes have to go into another box to ship them together. Since shopify asks for the product weight, is there a rule of thumb to use for factoring all of this in? I am debating using Shippo to help create labels etc. automatically but when it pulls the product weight over, it is quite a bit off.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

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I tried looking around for you but couldn't find any rule of thumb for coming up with shipping weights.

Personally I would weigh the product before packaging it for shipping, then weigh it after packing it.  I would then take the difference of these values as a shipping factor (e.g. pack_weight / orig_weight) and use that factor across my products when inputting their weights by multiplying the actual product weight by the factor.


If my product weighs 800g before packing, and weighs 900g when it's packed and ready for shipping, my shipping weight factor would be 1.125 (900g / 800g).

If I have a second product that weighs 900g I would estimate the shipping weight to be 1013g (900 * 1.125).

I hope this helps.

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