Can I use aliexpress videos on fb and insta for ads?

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I already talked to the shipper and they said I can use their video as long as I buy the product from them ! But some People suggested saying I should get the shipper to give me in written saying, its his/her video and I can use for marketing. the videos don't have any branding logo on them.


Please help and suggest me a best solution for this please !

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Definitely get it in writing if you plan on borrowing another company's creative assets. 


Have you considered influencer marketing? This would have an even greater impact than a company's videos. You would send an influencer the product and they can create some great content about your products. These videos could then be used in all your advertising and would specific to your store with your products. 


If you're interested in starting your influencer marketing program, the Carro app can really help you. It identifies influencers that are connected with your brand and it simplifies the influencer gifting process. Let me know if you have any questions.