Changing HTML to display variants in Shopify's 'Fulfillment Request' page.

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I'm very much in need of a little help.

I want to display my product varients, in this case the size of the garment being ordered in my Fulfillment Request e.mail that goes to my distributeors.

The page I'm talking about can be found in Settings - Notifications - Shipping - Fullfilment Request.

I have tried using one of the piences of code from Shopify's Line Item Properties table which you'll see if you scroll down on the following link

The specific piece Line Item Property ive been looking at is labeled as the following on the table...

The name of the product followed by a dash followed by the name of the variant. The variant name is not included when it is “Default Title”.

And the code I've used is the following...

<p>Size: {{ line.line_item.title }}</p>

However the code displays the item (as it says it would), but doesnt show the varient in Size which is what i'm wanting to do :(

Can anyone give me an idea of where I'm going wrong with this and the code I might need to use to achieve what have in mind?

Thnaks in advance for any input. 
I've sort of hit a stump with this one.