Closing Boutique Shop - Have Lots to Sell at Great Prices

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We are in the process of closing our clothing boutique and opening an accessory boutique.  I am in the process of counting inventory, so I will be selling a few lots at a time.  I am marking everything down 75% from the wholesale price I bought it at.  All inventory came from a factory in California that was purchased with my resllers ID.  Email me at if you are interested in any of the following:

Wine Tribal Dolman Sleeve Tops
Quantity:30, Price $4/piece, Total: $120, Breakdown: 10 Smalls, 11 Mediums, 9 Larges 

Ombre Tunic Tops
Quantity:59, Price $4/piece, Total: $236, Breakdown: 18 Smalls, 21 Mediums, 20 Larges

Embroidered and Leather Strap Romper with Belt
WHITE Quantity:23, Price $5/piece, Total: $115, Breakdown: 9 Smalls, 9 Mediums, 5 Larges
NAVY  Quantity:17, Price $5/piece, Total: $85, Breakdown: 9 Smalls, 6 Mediums, 2 Larges

Shipping will be calulated upon discussion of location and USPS prices.