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Hi guyz!

For quite a long time I have been thinking about opening a small online clothing store. Although I am not a professional designer, I have a vision for my own clothing line as well as an entrepreneurial drive.

I am just wondering how the process of making your own clothes looks like once you have a design.
Obvsly I am not gonna make them myself and it is not quite clear to me where I should go, what the best place is where they could be produced....

ur help would be appreciated THX

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It's a long process. First, you need a pattern made. Then, you need to have a sample made. You can either use a factory or hire independent contractors to have your design produced once you have the sample and pattern. Factories are cheaper, but the minimum orders are very high. To find a factory, search for sewing contractors or apparel manufacturers. This site has a lot of international factories listed, but be careful to check that the factory you find is legit before doing business: You will need to send the factory your sample for a quote. If you approve the quote, they will recreate your sample and send their version back to you (normally about $100-180 and up to 3 weeks) After you approve this sample, you can make your full order(turnaround time is normally 1-2 months). Be sure to be very specific about measurements/sizing, fabric, etc. 

Hope that helps a little!



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In hiring someone to create a pattern, does anyone have advice about precise milestones to create for the project and what details to ask for?

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Hey there Morswim!

You've already got yourself some great advice above!

Just a thought, once you have designs for some shirts created, you can check out these applications to get you started as well:


All it takes is installing the application, uploading your designs and setting a profit for product sold then Merchify/Printful will take care of the rest! 

Liz Bertorelli :: Shopify Guru

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First of all, designing them will be a good start, then you could think of making patterns and samples, and then finding a manufacturer. To quicken the step, you could search for manufacturing companies that also offer pattern and sample making, in, there should be some helpful tips, or in, or you could try finding a manufacturer direct which is rather a complex method.

After getting a manufacturere, while the items are being produced, you have to start creating awareness even before they are ready, I'll advice social medias or even you own campaign. Then you have to consider if you want to be an online retailer or sell to boutiques, or have your own store.

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Just wondering where you are located? There are many independent garment production companies that are much cheaper and would help you take your idea from thought to product. For example, is a great one in Toronto. 


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Pothys is a very reputed clothing store and i had purchased clothing for my family from there.
Also like Pothys is also a super cool site for purchasing Indian ethnic wears (

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A great idea..Its a long and big advice is to hire some professionals under you it is advisable to make some partner so that it will be useful in all aspects..

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We have a workshop / factory in Vietnam.   We manufacture clothing, bags, jewelry and dolls.   Our quality and wholesale prices are better than any company in the US.   We do custom printing as well.

Look forward to hearing from you

Erik Frankel


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Your work shop is nice. Even aps-promostore providing wholesale printed clothing varieties like custom clothing, logo imprinted t-shirts etc..