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I'm sure this has been asked but what are my options for the address on my Company. I already have an app set up with a company and they are going to be making my products and shipping them out. I'm just not sure what I am supposed to put as my store address since I am doing this from my house and am not quite sure I want to use my home address for that? Any ideas or what you may have done? Thanks 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello Anthony!

Trevor here from the Shopify Guru Team!

That is a great question! Are all of your products being fulfilled by the same fulfillment service? If so, generally you can add in your home address within your Settings>General section for account verification purposes. However, you can absolutely add in the fulfillment services' address within your Settings>Shipping section as the rates would typically be calculated based off that location it's being sent from.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to reach out to Shopify support!

Trevor E
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