Confused About how I setup my business structure

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I'm a bit confused how to setup my store with my business model. I will ship products that I buy in USA to a country overseas. Once I get a customer order I will source in US, ship to my address in US where I will repackage and ship to the customer.
I'll use suppliers that "Dropship" but they cannot ship to customer, it must come to my US address, and I will repackage and ship to the customer overseas. I could be using Spocket or Zonify. My business model does not allow drop shipping directly to the customer for several reasons.
I am trying to figure out a technical way to make this model work:
The customer can order several products in my store and I need to then order from my US vendor and change the address so that vendor ships to me. 
Secondly I will consolidate all products that my customer order (that could come from several vendors) to ship to overseas. I'm not sure if these can be all setup directly in Shopify or if I need different apps, I haven't made any progress.
Any tips how to do this is very appreciated
thanks a lot
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Always stress test your shipping for unexpected surprises

Ignoring the confusing overseas logistic , this can just be a custom fulfillment service that's a simple email address to get orders to a specific location.

They get a fulfillment notification email

edit the notification template to override the address


Other than that your gonna need apps to anything more involved




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