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ISO MAKEUP DROP SHPPERS. The quality and brands that oberlo has is not up to date with today's makeup trends. Alie Express takes too long for shipping..I find that makeup is so in demand that women want products now not 15-20 days after ordered.


My stores niche is makeup, beauty, and cosmetics, and I am looking for drop shipers in the US. 

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Hi @La_Vega! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


You posted this a long time ago and have gotten no replies, but I still want to take a chance and ask if you've had the time to read up and explore Spocket?


The platform has quite a number of suppliers who offer quality beauty items that can be shipped in as fast as 3-5 days depending on your shipping set-up. Signing up as a member with Spocket gives you access to the platform's catalog where you can easily search for the items you need:


Capture d’écran 2020-01-09 à 17.34.05.png


Being that most of the suppliers on the platform come from the EU and the US, product quality is assured and as I mentioned earlier, shipping times are greatly reduced.




Given all these, you can do some exploring of the app yourself by heading on over to Spocket's official website. You can sign-up for free so you can access the catalog and check if the make-up products on our catalog suit your store's preferences. Otherwise, please do let me know if the products you need aren't on the catalog and I'll be sure to send in a request to our Suppliers team to possibly source out suppliers who can provide the items you need. You can also drop a message to!


Hello @La_Vega 


Please check the below list.


BeautyjointBeautyjoint is a USA-based dropship makeup supplier offering international shipping. The dropship makeup supplier stocks high-quality makeup brands. Examples of brands available on Beautyjoint include Milani cosmetics, L’OREAL, Jordana Cosmetics, etc. - focuses on offering both makeup products and fragrances. Fragrances for both men and women are available. The dropship makeup supplier’s website is extremely easy to navigate and use. 

Strawberrynet - Strawberrynet has been offering its services since the year 1998. The fact that the company has managed to stay in business for over 2 decades indicates that it offers high-quality products and services.


Born Pretty -  Born Pretty has a US warehouse. The dropship makeup supplier offers more than 10,000 beauty products.

Their drop shipping service does not cost the users any extra charges. The supplier’s website is simple to use and navigate. It makes things easier for users. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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