Disproportionate traffic from Russia - should I be concerned?

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I saw some forum threads on the fact that it's difficult to accept payment from Russia. I have noticed an incredible surge in traffic over the past three weeks. No one has ordered yet, but it seems strange. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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Hi Karen,

I noticed the same thing recently. I checked with my website guy, and after looking into the situation he told me that, "at the moment I'm only seeing search engine crawlers/ bots visiting your website (one of which, 'YandexBot', is out of Russia). These are good bots, as they index your website for search engines, and encourage legitimate visitors to come to your site." We also have a plugin installed that will report attacks on website or malicious visitors, probably like most sites, and the site is monitored for any unusual activity, which is also reassuring. Not sure if this is the same scenario for you, but it seems like a good possibility, so thought I would share! :D