Do it yourself Kickstarter: Multi Sub-Project Campaign

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Hi All,

I wanted to see if anyone else has run into this problem. Here is the questions I posed to Kickstarter:

We run a successful online apparel store. Our customers want state specific designs. We want to expand but need the help of backers. Is it possible to run a project that has sub goals. As in, customers A,B,C back us and choose Alaska as design of choice for reward. Customers D,E,F,G,H, back us and choose Montana as design of choice for reward. Customer I, and J back us and choose Iowa as design of choice for reward. Now Alaska and Montana have sufficient backers and they proceed to production and rewards are issued. Iowa does not have sufficient backers and thus that project fails. Thanks. Also if this is not possible whats the best way to get this off the ground.

The quick answer from Kickstarter is NO. You can't have sub-goals. The suggested picking one and running with it. The problem with that is we know we have at least another 20 state designs that will get backed. 


So the real question here is has anyone run a big multi project pre order campaign on their shopify store? How did it go? What did you learn to do differently? Did you set time limits on the pre-orders?

Thanks in advance!