Does Aliexpress block everyone's order because of imaginary "security problem" or is it just me

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I submitted my first order (yeah!) on the 8th.  I got email from Aliexpress on the 9th telling me my orders were closed.  Great, they already shipped .... no, sadly, they meant closed, as in not processed.  Supposedly, there's a "security problem" with my card (there isn't any security problem with my card...theiir making this up).  Now, I'm still waiting for the apeal process, which they claimj should be done by Monday.  They (support) also said that they do this on every order, and that THAT is the "5 Days" or "7 Days" you see on products as the time to ship it, and that if my apeal is finished Monday, and I re-submit my order (how can I do that retroactively?),  it will ship on time on Monday (5 days since the original order).

So my question is, is everyone seeing this kind of nonsense from Aliexpress?  Or is it just personal (i.e., they don't like me)?

Along the same lines, does anyone have any suggestions for a better supplier who won't pull stunts like this and who has great prices on fashion jewelry?  If necessary, I can create scripts to read product pages, and create CSV files to populate my store, so an app for that is optional (but an app for order processing would be nice once I start seeing lots of orders/day, when manually processing orders gets to be insanity).

Thanks, Jim