Does Anyone Purchase Small Wholesale, Liquidation or Overstock Lots?

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We make it easy for wholesalers, liquidators, consignment shops and retailers to list their inventory as easy as possible. Compared to other sites we make the listing process easy as possible so it doesn't stop the flow of mind to market listing. Great deals are never seen due to high barriers and complications of getting an item listed when it just needs to be sold quickly without hassle. 

List it fast, buy it quickly, sell it for profit and get back to making money again. In the end we all just want to make a profit or sell at deep discounts to others when liquidating so sellers can move on go another opportunity and buyers can get great deals. We're all in this together.



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I am selling ALL my inventory of Gottex and Profile by Gottex swimwear for personal reason. We had a great success with the brand and products, but I am very ill and cannot work anymore. 

The whole inventory is about 2500 items all sizes.

My website

We sell all the items on Amazon as well.

I can help with your shopify, ebay, amazon  integration.

I am not looking to dropship, but I would sell all the inventory at a very low "take all" price.

UPC/ASIN; images, description, inventory is available.

Please email for more details.

Thank you All.