Does the store name affect the number of sales?

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I started dropshipping with a dog store and it didn't work well. But I am still using the same domain name and store name to promote other products in other niche. the store name is Woofpo. Is it because of the store name that i am receiving a low purchase rate or do you believe that the name affects the potential buyers in any way? 

Please feel free to answer me. This question has been troubling me. 



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Hi Adil,

Guru Micah here to help!

The name of your store is meant to help build your brand and give it an identity. With that being said you can totally use Woofpo as your stores name and not have any problems but you also want to make sure your customers are not confused on what they are shopping for. As with your store right now you are marketing dog accessories and tech accessories which would make it harder for you to narrow down your marketing campaigns to find targeted customers thus making a low purchase rate.

Now here is a few Shopify Blog posts that will help in making sure you are targeting the right audience.

To start off 17 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Online Sales is a great read as Social Media is a great way to build your brand and garner loyal customers.

50 ways to make your first sale will also give you great marketing ideas to find the right customers and how to convert that into sales. For instance this section on Facebook Ads has amazing tips on how to create really powerful ads.

Lastly Shopify Academy will give you lots of info through online courses, webinars, business tools and templates along with lots of tips and tricks.

Now your site is also looking amazing I really like your “About Us” page! The one thing I can recommend is the Tumblr link in the footer of your site seems to be linked to a error page, other than that you’re rocking it!

Feel free to let me know what you have been doing to generate traffic and we can both take a look into that together and see how can generate more targeted customers.

Micah Knight

Customer Success Guru | Shopify