Drop Shippers and Business Plans

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Hi there, fellow shopifyers

I am about to launch my first drop shipping store at www.racquetlab.com, and things have been going quite well so far, with me having been able to land a few really good deals with a few known-brand manufacturers within my chosen niche. It is however been a quite long journey trying to find manufacturers who are willing to drop ship, and I have written a lot of mails, and gotten a lot of rejections - or just no answer at all.

This has made me turn to option B, which is using a drop shipping/wholesale company - well aware of the profit margin being considerably lower. But then again, I don't want to open my store offering just one or two brands, or some unknown brand or cheap goods.

I have registered with a drop shipping-company which has offered who offer two of the brands I *really* would like to sell, and I have even paid a $500 annual fee to join their drop shipping program. But they give me no clue as to what my profit margin will be at all. Not even an indication. They also want me to create a business plan, which is something I haven't done before. While others have been very straightforward, giving me a 'yes' or 'no', I now have to write a business plan in order to drop ship products I have no idea what will give me in return.

Am I being duped here? Has anybody else experienced the same? I have no experience in writing business plans, so I am not sure how detailed it should be.

Would really like to have your views on this.



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We’re looking for more suppliers for our website, mobileiGo.com.  

Has anyone tried Salehoo.com to see if they have good suppliers in their wholesale directory?  It's supposed to have a full directory of wholesale/dropship suppliers. I'm thinking about giving them a try. Please let me know if you've tried them. Thanks,


Ben | mobileiGo.com
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Hello Stian,

Congratulations on your new venture!  


$500 seems a bit too steep. You should definitely run a background check on that company. Look into their reviews & where the site is being hosted. I would not ever advise paying that much to join a dropshipping program. There are plenty of other suppliers within profitable niches that charges much lower.

Hope you will be able to get your money spent back! Keep us updated!


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Thank you,



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$500 sounds like a lot. You're better off finding suppliers from Aliexpress, Alibaba and Ebay. 

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