Drop Shipping Agreement form and Process. "Alot of talk but no walk" discussion forum.

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I have had several people interested in drop shipping for my site but I feel there is a lack of communication and direction when it comes to an agreement form and process. Therefore, I feel we need to come together because there is alot of talk but no walk and we need to figure out the best solution to get an agreement between drop shipper and retailer.  I found an example drop shipping agreement form online and would like to hear your opinions, suggestions, and modifications that can be applied to it. https://www.wholesalepet.com/Content/productimages/EcoPup-DSContract.pdf

Processing Orders: I have created a Mock-up template so that emails can be distributed to the drop shipper from the retailer once a customer buys an product. What are modifications or suggestions that can be implemented into this? Here is the example:

Drop Shipper Name:

Date of Purchase:

Order #:

Item Number/Product Name:

Name of Customer:

Customer Contact Information:


Shipping Address:

Cost of Product:

Shipping Cost:

Tansactin Fee:

Tax if applicable:

Est. Time of Delivery:

Processing fee: Percentage or Processing fee per item


Some other suggestions to throw out for drop shippers is having a catalog with images and discriptions of the items that you can email to the retailer. Unless you specify that retailer can grab the info from your website.