Drop Shipping for another Shopify Store.

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Hello all, 

I have a store that sells vinyl decals. We use the Affiliatly app which allows clients to make a commission on their own decal designs. I've been creating buy buttons for my clients and giving them the embed code to put on their websites. This allows them to sell directly to their consumers while being linked to my store. I've come across a situation where one of my clients already has a Shopify store. What would be the most efficient way to set up drop shipping between me and my client? I would like a way to receive order information and payment after the user has checked out on their site. Is there anything out there that would allow this? Thanks

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Hey, Nathan!

Savannah here from the Shopify Guru Team. :) 

The easiest way to do that would be for the other merchant to add you as a custom fulfillment service. That will trigger a warning to your email to let you know to fulfill the order and the order details. We've got some additional information here. That said, you would need to receive payment from the customer offsite using this method. A good way to do this would be through  a PayPal payment request

Happy selling - let me know if you have any further questions!

Savannah | Shopify Guru