Drop Shipping from Different Supplier/Country etc..How to handle Shipping costs? Please HELP

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Hi all..I am new here and am in the middle of setting up my very first boutique.  As I search for suppliers/manufacturers I notice that many of the goods I want come from different companies, in different parts of the world.  

Now, I understad that I will have to figure out shipping terms with my clients but I wonder if you all have any suggestions on how to limit shipping charges for all items being ordered for 1 order?  I don't imagine anyone here charges the client massive amounts of money for all the deliveries from their different suppliers just to fulfill 1 order...must be a solution or some advice someone can send?


eg. Client orders 4 items.  

2 dressed from from china from 2 separate suppliers.  They both charge $25 for delivery to Canada

the remaining 2 items from from india and they charge an additional $30 for delivery

This means total delivery before any customs will be $80.  I doubt anyone will purchase from me..if the total cost to ship all items totals $100+ not including items they bought.


Can someone please shed some light and help me out?


thank you!!


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Hey there,

Nathan here from the Shopify Guru team. The meat and potatoes of this question really comes down to how you market your store, and shipping and the like.


If you're finding that there is no way around the really high shipping costs, and things getting split up like this then I'd highly recommend turning it into a marketing opportunity.

You're right, nobody is going to pay that much for shipping, so don't charge it as shipping. Include those costs in the product costs, and then advertise all over your website that shipping is free. Or better yet, advertise that you charge a simple flat rate everywhere, that allows you to make some money on the shipping (since the actual costs are in the product cost), and makes the shipping seem super simple for the customer.


Multiple suppliers is always going to be tough, and as your business grows you'll be able to shift to a warehousing solution rather than dealing with individually fulfilled products.


In kind of a side note and opinion, if a supplier is charging 25 dollars shipping from China, that sounds really high. In my personal business I've been ordering from China non stop and I don't use suppliers that charge more than 5 bucks per shipment, and really I try and focus on ones that ship for free. ChinaPost is awesome and super affordable, so usually its pretty easy to get deals.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email me directly at nathan@shopify.com