Drop ship for another online store?

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I have been contacted by an online store that wants to sell my product. 

I have a shopify store and a 3PL solution integrated to it.

What is the best way to automatically manage orders from their store through to 3PL and also inventory management and most importantly getting paid accurately for each order? 

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Hey Justin,

I had the same problem, but i created a very novice way way to get this done. Im on the other side of your question.I messed with the html and so when buyers/sellers log in, especially sellers, their sold transaction history shows up, just by adding tags to their customer profile and embedding a google cloud spreadsheet thats shares, to show sales, amounts, tracking number etc. 


For sales, either have them pay you upfront which is difficult when they have hesitation if your shipping on time. So what you can do is directly supply them with a minimal inventory so they can fulfill the order, so you build trust with them. Or ask them to hold funds in escrow, once they see the items tracking, you providing the tracking number as soon as the order comes in, then they pay you eithe when in transit or when delivered, so they can make sure the buyer is satisfied. Let me know if you have any questions. 

If you would like to sell on our site just let me know, bruce@100dollarlots.com



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