Drop ship greeting cards?

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Looking for a vendor that will drop ship greeting cards, ideally from the US or Canada, anyone know of any?

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Hi Evan,

I hope you've had luck finding a vendor. Not sure if you are looking for a print on demand drop shipper or one that warehouses commercially printed stock then ships for you...

I myself have been searching for a POD card manufacture for my shop. There were several PODs out there but they stopped offering that service (Contrado, Galloree). I found 2 PODs who only allow priting on the outside of cards (Art of Where, Kite) with blank inside. There is only one POD that I found that prints on all sides of cards - front, back and inside. 


FYI, Hosted POS Sites (where you can't have your own stand-alone store) that have cards. Some of these PODs only allow printing on the front, or front and back but not inside, and some allow printing on all sides.

- ArtsCow, CardGnome,  DiviantArt, FineArtAmerica, Greeting Card Universe, Printer's Studio, Pwinty, Redbubble, 


In all my searching, I have only found one POD that allows printing on all sides of greeting cards, Gooten. I have ordered samples and find Gooten a difficult company to work with. I've been having cards printed by commercial printers for years so I have completed files ready to go. Gooten does not accept standard art files. Sellers will have to re-do all their files to fit their non-standard file parameters (which won't work if you try to use them with any other printer). They have multiple grads of card stock but you can't order swatchs of the paper.   

As a test, I just redid 7 art files of mine to their file format (which to days to convert) then went and ordered a copy of each card in all of the card stocks they carry to see which suited my cards best. When the sample cards arrived just two days ago, there was no markings or lables identifying which cards were printed on what cardstock. I haven't got a clue what paper I should have cards printed on because they didn't bother to identify their own materials. I emailed customer support and asked them to send me a scrap of each cardstock labeled with their name that way, I can figure out what is what. Just this morning they responded that sending me a scrap with the cardstock written on it is "absolutely unprofessional".  They advised me to place another sample order - ordering just one type of card stock at a time, that way, when the unmarked card arrives, I'll know what stock it is...


What I'm saying is, just like nearly all of the reviews you see for Gooten say, their customer service is awful - it's true!  Warning bells and sirens are going off for me but, they are the only POD company I've found who prints cards. I am franticaly searching for another vendor but may be stuck with them. The one thing I will say is, the quality of the printed cards looks good; I just haven't got a a goddamn clue what paper they are printed on and they refuse to help.

You can tell that the customer service at Gooten is not American, they are not in any way accomodating or helpful. Customer serive exists to reinforce the rules, not help clients. Have you read Kafka? Yep. It's like that! Very definitely Eastern European bureaucratic, ridged and unflexible systematic. 'Of course we can't send you a set of samples with the names of the samples on them. We have never done that before therefore, we will never do that in the future!' 

Anyway, if I find another POD who produces cards I will post it and I hope you do the same. Good Luck!





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