Drop shipper who produces custom color products?

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I am starting a business based around color. The whole idea would be that our store would sell a certain number of products (shoes and certain clothing items) which the user could get in any color. For example the user wantes to buy a pair of shoes to go with an outfit, but they want the shoes in a very specific color (like RGB value specific). I have been looking for a supplier who could 

1. Produce the goods

2. Dye them the specific color the customer asks for

3. Drop ship the product to the customer

I'm not sure that this is something that exists, or if it is even possible, I've been looking online for awhile and can't find anything. Does anyone have experience with this, or know of anything like it. Thanks

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Hi Mike,

Please send me an email at support [at] leatherskinshop.com, I can help you with souricng leather jackets available in all colors. Skype id is jacketdeals.