Drop-shipping in india!

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Howdy guys! 

Actually, I'm totally new to dropshipping. I have heard about it recently and understood what it is about. 

So i decided Phone covers & cases niche to start. 

Umm, but not sure how to start, i am having problem in executing. I have ssen many people do it on instagram so i want to do. 

Could anyone help me with some good guides and thinks to keep in mind. 


Any help is appreciated. 

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Hey Rajzzsoni,

Koreen from Shopify here- thanks so much for posting :)

We do know that it can be a little tricky finding your feet and starting out however it's super that you've found your niche products and market.

To help get you set up with some suppliers here, we do have an excellent guide on Dropshipping which I have included here:

We also have a great tool: https://wholesale.shopify.com/ which allows you to search for potential suppliers of your products.

To help with running your business, we also have some Logistics apps- particularly with merchants operating from India in mind: https://goo.gl/OaHmuA

You should also checkout our blog on selling from Instagram too- it has lots of handy tips on using social media to promote your business: https://goo.gl/EqjGg4

I hope this is useful in helping you make that first step!


Koreen W