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Hi everyone

i am about to start my first e-commerce business of drop shipping. I have a small issue that i would like to get help with. 

Lets say i get a order from my customer for item called (ABC), and the vendor for that is (XYZ). 

Can i use custom order fullfilment feature to automatically send my customers order to Vendor XYZ email, so they can process the order and ship to my customers. 


Would like to know what other drop ship retailers are doing in this since i will have a lot of different vendors. 

Note:- I am not using any apps like oberlo or modalyst. 

These suppliers work on csv files. 





Hi Muhammad,

We have an app called EZ Exporter that can send automated CSV exports of your unfulfilled orders to your vendors.  Many of our customers actually use our app for this purpose.

You can create multiple "export profiles/presets" where each can be dedicated to a specific vendor (we support up to 10 currently).  So for example, if you have 10 vendors, you can have a separate "profile" where the data set is filtered specifically for that vendor and have the CSV file delivered automatically to their email address (or FTP server, Dropbox, etc.).

You can schedule an export to run as frequent as every 15 minutes and we have a filter so only new orders are sent since the last time it ran (if there are no orders, nothing will be sent as that would be very annoying to the recipients). We also provide a log of the activities directly from our app so you can see what time something was sent and to who.

Hope that helps, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

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