Drop shipping question!

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I wonder how it works with drop shipping.
If the wholesaler has his own shop in England and I want to start my own shop in Sweden selling his stuff how is the best way to set it up? I´m thinking about keeping track off the inventory etc?

Is there some way that I display his products in my shop and that it keeps track - collecting the inventory figures from his shop?
Or maybe that my shop is displaying everything from his shop, prices etc? I don´t know how to set it up the best way!?
Maybe there is an app for this?

Any input appreciated thanks!

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What you need (At least that what it sounds like) is product / data feed. Most wholesalers or dropshippers provide this (The good ones for sure). This way, any inventory changes that occur on their site (Their database), is equally reflected on all resellers or dropshippers in this case.

So no matter who you deal with, ask them for product / data feeds.

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