Drop shipping question?

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Hello all - please bare with me as I am still in the learning process and working towards building my business day by day. 

So, had a question and hope you guys can help me. As of now I have been working on building a t-shirt / clothing business and am using a drop-ship on demand company - but I wanted to branch out and start selling men's and women's accessories, hats and jewelry too. I have a large inventory on hand - but was unsure of how this will work if a customer purchases clothing which I am using a drop-shipper for and then accessories that I would be shipping.... 

Would it just be better for me to have another store for accessories or is there a way for me to handle shipping the products? 

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. 


Thank you! 

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Hi S.S.

  I currently work with several dropshippers in addition to having a little bit of inventory in-house. I get small orders, so it hasn't been a problem but if you get large orders it might.  When I get an order, I check which suppliers provide each product.  I send an order for each specific item to each appropriate dropshipper, and package up the items that I have and send them all separately.  I have a comment about this process in my shipping information on my store.  Basically it tells customers that they may recieve their order in several boxes but there's no extra charge for that. 

Now, estimating the shipping costs that I need to cover for this IS a challenge that I'm still working out.  Charging flat rate shipping on everything might be a solution, or doing free shipping on everything might be a solution. 

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who handles this with a shop that typically gets large orders.  Do one of the higher Shopify subscription/feature packages handle this automatically?